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by Tomas, from London | Written on 2017-07-27
Escorts’ in London promoted outcall service yet suited me with an in call. It was a bit on the unpleasant side however appeared to be calm and sufficiently safe and kind of added to the raunchiest of it making it somewhat sexier (abnormally!). Escorts’ London had a genuine pleasant disposition and treated me like her sweetheart. Addressed the entryway wearing her heels and her undies and bra. London Escorts’ has pleasant legs and an awesome ass. Her skin is likewise decent and smooth. Dealt with gift and went right to uncovering me and she gave me a pleasant back rub which was extremely exotic. Not an extraordinary back rub but rather ST was pleasant and she then gave me a BBBJ to make them go which was prevalent.
by Mark, from London | Written on 2017-02-12
Decent face and lips were ideal for the employment. At that point concealed and to canine, mish, and CG. Cherished feeling her body as Escorts' in London straddled me. Needed to complete with the BBBJ and didn't know she would let it all out however amazingly she slid off the cover and finished a BBBJCIM. My legs got numb! Went for the 30 min bundle since I didn't generally crave hanging out in the place too long. This was an awesome deal. Gave her an additional 20 which Escorts' in London acknowledged and left cheerful. The main thing that sucks is that she was quite recently experiencing town.
by Charles, from UK | Written on 2016-11-22