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Escorts London babe delayed

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Escorts London babe delayed and I felt London Escorts' eyes move down my body and concentrate on my modest cock. I didn't know what to do as such I essentially remained there.

I took after London Escorts' guidelines and looked as she bowed down, laid her hands on my thighs and drew her make a beeline for my cock. Escorts London babe gazed toward me and grinned, opened London Escorts' mouth and moved her bright red lips down over me. Feeling her tongue move over me I continued looking as more of my slipped between London Escorts' lips until I felt her lower lip snacking at my balls and Escorts' in London upper lip press against the base of my cock.

As she took me to the grip I felt her fingers grasp on my thighs and felt a mind-boggling feeling come over my cock. With all that additional room in her mouth she started to get things done to me I never thought should be possible. I felt the unimaginable suction as she attracted Escorts' London head back and after that felt her tongue twist around me like a snake as she crawled back onto me.

Her head weaved here and there, over and over as her tongue, Escorts' in London teeth and her lips prodded, tormented and satisfied me in an unending cluster of sensation. I had dreams of what I would do to this lady. I imagined Escort London on her back with my head covered between her legs, eating her as she returned over and over, at long last completing her off sliding my cock between Escort London pussy lips until she shouted for additional... more... more... Goodness fuck, too early... to soon. I shut my eyes and offered into the delight. Pushing my hips forward I came, spurting my cum into her mouth in spurt after spurt.

Escorts London babe held me in her mouth as my cock gradually shrank, just giving it a chance to spill out when it shrank totally. Escorts London babe then gobbled and stood up, looking at me straightforwardly without flinching. Inclining forward she gave me a delicate kiss on the mouth and afterward whispered, "Thank you, I've for the longest time been itching to experience that."

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